Lesson plans



At Lady Drive UK Female Driving School we offer intensive driving courses normally run over 2-3 weeks, depending upon test dates & needs and ability of pupil.
(In order to do an intensive course you will need to have passed your theory test first.)


Semi Intensive

At Lady Drive UK Female Driving School we offer semi-intensive driving lessons on our very popular pay as you learn scheme. These are by far our most popular driving lessons. The flexibility to pay for your driving lessons as and when you take them opens the course to a much wider section of pupils these courses are normally run over 4-8 weeks depending on test dates and fitted around work, college commitments.

Where possible, pupils normally do 3 to 5 lessons a week.


Pass Plus

Pass plus is a course developed by the DSA with the help and backing of the insurance industry. The course has been developed to improve your skills in areas were you have little or no experience ie motorway driving. The pass plus course reduces your risk of being in a road accident, along with a substantial saving on your insurance premium.


Single Lesson

60 minute driving lessons and 90 minute driving lessons give you the pupil the opportunity to progress at a steady pace with time for private practice.

At Lady Drive UK Female Driving School your driving lessons are taken with the same patient professional female driving instructor each week.



Lady Drive UK Female Driving School offers driving lessons in order to improve your parking skills. So you have passed your test, done those tricky parking manouvers, (Maybe you passed your test before bay parking and parallel parking was part of the DSA test.) How many of you are really confident about parking your car!

In today’s busy towns it is always difficult to find a parking space. Do you find yourself driving around until you find a big gap or go to the far corner of the car park? If so Lady Drive UK Female Driving School can help with our popular parking skills course.



Especially for our more mature pupils who may have decided to take a break from driving after passing their test,and now need a little practice to cope with our busy roads. You can benefit from Lady Drive UK Female Driving School refresher lessons, and gain the confidence you need to be a happy and competent driver.



For newly qualified drivers needing motorway tuition it is far better to do the pass plus. However, you may have passed several years ago and feel anxious and nervous about the prospect of driving on todays busy motorways. Motorway driving lessons taken with Lady Drive UK Female Driving School will help you to gain the confidence and ability to drive on todays busy motorways.